$150 base rate for four (4) high res product views  $50 additional for 360 single item

$125 per each 2-5 similar items $45 per of 360 

$100 per each 6-10 similar $40 per  360 

$75 for 11+ $35 per  360 

for new unused items

Same size (blankets/clothing), product type to be economical to them

Contact us to discuss your products and project customizing 

Post production of product $75 in 15 minute increments

Preproduction product prep - new products only no salesman samples - samples will be billed for prep

Location fee for shooting on site is available with stipulations

Color changes in 360

180 for jewlery

Setting yourself out from you competition 

Good photography to sell your product

Hosting ($72 year for unlimited hosting/bandwidth)

2x2 foot print 5' tall 

10 minutes to clean/prep/style item

Surcharge for bulky items $75 minimum per like items *call for quote/odd shaped items

Shipping all carriers returns sent on your account number