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WHAT - product images, details, studio lit, high res, color  corrected, variety of angles, quality optics for sharpness and focus, professional lenses = no distortion, web and print sized


WHY - for distributors, for social media, for options, variety, new looks, increased web presence for better sales




HOW - products are shot in my studio in a solid white seamless environment. Items are pressed, steamed, polished, pinned and secured for their best presentation. Clothing is shot flat and on dress maker’s dummy. Products are shot on both matte and reflective surfaces. Multiple full angles of all sides of products, tight images of details and unique features. All color options are recommended to shoot at the same time for lighting and group shots.


WHO - award winning internationally published photojournalist, 20+ years of commercial, marketing and editorial experience, 1st hand understanding of the imaging needs and requirements of print or web editors and bloggers and social media managers


ADDITIONAL - social media management, web based image storage, social media event coverage, stock database, stock image database

Campaign, location, lifestyle shoots or studio images with horses and humans.