Rubber Telephoto Lens Hood

Rubber Telephoto Lens Hood


Are you tired of your damaged lens hood falling off your lens? Do you struggle with taping it on, or not using it at all? Do you waste space in your bags because it is such a pain to remove?

Our rubber telephoto lens hood is the answer. 

Flexible, stretchable, shock absorbing and soft, our rubber lens hoods fit many lens focal lengths, girths and brands. 

Small hoods measure 22mm around the neck and 9cm deep. They easily and snuggly fit a 70-200 2.8. Fold the hood over in your bag to help protect your glass.

Large hoods measure 28mm around the neck and 11 cm deep.  Soak them in some warm water, and you can stretch them around the face of a 400mm 2.8.


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