I have not mastered developing a method for updating my blog from the various computers in my life. We use PCs at the paper, and simple keystrokes on my MAC, such as the copyright symbol, are ridiculously difficult on the PC. The list of fonts between the two systems are different. If I wait until I get back to my MAC the updating just doesn't get done. It seems the little amount of down time I have to check in comes about 4pm at the office.

I'm so glad this has finally appeared in the paper. The story is about an 83-year-old golfer who has seven career holes-in-one, two of them this past year. We did the interview at his house, and he suffers from some memory loss (he couldn't remember the name of the club he plays at.) So I was without a golf course, cart or clubhouse, and with a budget limited to $0, I was struck with a bolt of genius.

How does one make a golf cup out of nothing? One snags a styrofoam coffe cup from the lunch room, rips off the bottom, wedges it onto the 10.5, uses the same setup I use from my remote camera and gets our victim model to lean down like he his pulling the ball from the hole. GENIUS!!!