I spent a few hours Saturday at the BLM's mustang and burro auction in Harrington, Delaware. There has been quite a bit of press lately about the roundups, and while there are at least two sides to every story, my experience with the horses and the BLM were quite positive.

The staff were patient, knowledgeable and kind. The horses were curious, had plenty of hay and separated into small groups based on gender and age. While the prices were low, people need to be approved by the BLM prior to purchase, and then they don't own them until after a year and a secondary approval.

The BLM has foster training homes, and for the horses that won't make it on "the outside" it has a list of private ranches where they live out their lives as they were on the BLM land. Herds are thinned both for the betterment of the species, and because they are not the only animals that graze on the land, and yes, the BLM does have responsibility for cattle and sheep.