03.13.11 - UP ALL NIGHT

As a kid I always wanted to stay up late. I had a babysitter who would let me watch TV with her until my parents pulled in the driveway. I would then run to bed and pretend to be asleep.

These days I like my sleep. I do tend to be a bit of a night owl, bed is sometime between 12 and 1. So Thursday into Friday morning I was just drifting off when my scanner pulled my eyelids back open. I was still laying down for the original shooting dispatch, I was sitting up when I heard the severity and I was headed down the stairs when it became clear that it was police involved. Turned out the officers shot at the car and occupents who had drove at them.

I spent the next four hours at the scene, was home at 5, let the dog out, showered, ate and went into the office to get the photos on the paper's site. I napped for 30 minutes or so on the couch in the lobby, and then was back out at it again.