09.10.11 - A Decade

As I drove to Saugerties for the Pfizer Million Grand Prix at HITS horse show, avoiding NYC bridges and tunnels and all the 9-11 retrospectives on the radio, the photo from a decade ago that has stuck with me the most is one from the American Gold Cup just days after.

My September 11th started with a sick dog so I was awake with the TV on for the break in the morning show for the first reports of the first crash. I called the newsroom and actually told those in the office what had happened. After the Pentagon I called my parents and told my father how much I was glad he had just retired, and was no longer in a federal building. Much after that was a blur, or just not memorable.

I appreciate being an American, but I don't believe we are the, "greatest county in the world," as so many tout us in jingoistic songs and bumper stickers. I enjoy the feeling of patriotism, but it is not something that only Americans feel. I like our flag, but don't care for the commercialism of slapping it in different manifestations on every surface that can hold color.

So I think what I like about this single grabbed frame from 10 years ago, is the subtle, personal patriotism.



09.05.11 - Stock

Many of my fellow equestrian photographers have been in discussion lately about the rights awarded to the official photographer at a competition, credentialed media photographers, how to deal with poachers, copyright infringers...basically all things business.

While I made rookie mistakes at the beginning, once I became a member of the professional ranks I have always done my best to respect the official photographer(s). Digital has made it very easy for anyone with a camera to set up a website and sell prints.

I walk both sides of the line, I have shows where I am there to sell to the participants, and I have many others that I cover as a working member of the media.

My distinctions between my stock and my participant photos are 1. the location were they are hosted, 2. the access, 3. consumer product prices are only listed on images for sale from event where I am asked to be there.

While I am there to cover the competition with the "standard" shots I am also there to add to my stock database. All my images will go into my stock galleries (which are password protected, and access is limited to editors and ad agencies).

Here is a sample of what I am shooting in addition to the "knees to the nose" frames.

09.06.11 Ludwigs