My computer has been churning along in a batch process, archiving project for a few weeks. Building the database of everything I have shot since 2002 (minus that for the paper) is taking quite awhile. I shoot both a RAW and JPEG file of everything. This takes up a bit more space, but I like to have a backup and I proof from the JPEGs.

 I am almost done with the project, but the need to finish something put that on hold for a few hours so I could get back to my photos of Brody and Jimmy in Wilmington, NC. The boys look like they will be having a reunion next week at the Volhard Training Camp. I will be shooting for the trainers' website and for individual clients, and Brody might get some learning! Stay tuned for photos...


Brody made a girlfriend with Dixie. He played hard to get and she liked the chase.


Brody heard the call of the ocean. I am very glad he didn't try the high dive. He has some sense.


I admire his persistence. He kept looking for a place he could get to the water, and he finally found it. Sadly, his dive in was hidden by the ramp! I wish I had a frame of his face when he discovered the Intercoatal Waterway is much like a cold bath.


Jimmy is more than a beach bum. He is burning up the show ring and is headed to the Clumber Nationals in a few weeks!