12.15.10 - Fall Sports Portraits

Three times a year I take on the scheduling, production and shooting of the players and coaches our sports writers at The Daily Local News deem the top of their sport in our county. Fall is always a bit more of a challenge because of the number of sports, nine, and that the schedule usually has me trying to find these people during the holiday break.

This year I decided to stretch the boundaries and do multiple image layouts. Kids can be a bit self conscience, and there are usually a flock of other students in the vicinity making fun of them. This year's group was the most mature and personable group I have ever had. All the outside shots were done on sub-freezing days, and I had to balance my desire to have them relax around the camera with the fear of one or both of us loosing extremities.

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Football 2010

Cross Country (male) 2010


Tennis 2010