I promise this blog is not just going to be a love fest of Brody. That being said, today he got his belated Christmas presents. So as I work on some album design coolness you will have to make due with more uber cute canine! Since he has destuffed all his stuffed toys, and has been shorted plastic bottles since I gave up soda, he has been wanting some things to sink his teeth into. (As made clear by the shredded pile of baby wipes I came home to the other day.) We are lucky to have some really good feed stores in the area, and I was passing Pickering Feed in my travels. I am always careful about buying American rawhide. Some of the imported hides have been treated with chemicals that are not exactly things you want to be ingesting. Did he need the two-foot long bone, no. But it promised funny images. I should have shot video, but the 10 minutes of him wandering around the house just carrying it with him and drooling wouldn't have been as funny as it was in person. 01.19.11


I belong to a group of ladies that at one time all of us worked at the paper together. Some of us have stayed, some have moved on, some have moved on and come back. But we all have enough years together, have seen each other grow from fresh out of college to parents, beat reporters to editors, single to married. (I believe I am the only one who hasn't grown up at all. :} ) It is always a back-and-forth to find a date that works with all out schedules. (What did we do before FaceBook?) And up until now we have always done a night out. Back in the day we would actually go out, dinner and dancing in Philly. But as the years have gone by, and we don't see each daily, it has become a time to catch up around a table with wine and a potluck. This time we scheduled a brunch at Firecreek Resturant in Downingtown, PA. While not the most centralized location for all of us, those of us who had been there before recommended it, and the most savvy of us had a coupon! Sadly we were one short due to a death in the family. But we toasted her, laughed, told stories about crazy family get togethers, and made plans for the next time. Most importantly, by the end of the time together it is like we see each other every day. 01.16.11 Brunch

01.16.11 - CATCHING UP

While the list of things I have accomplished this weekend is not very long in number, a number of them have taken quite a bit of time. I have recently transferred the management of my web domain from a hosting service to my own control, which has meant a crash course in many things techie. It has taken about a week, but I finally have my e-mail set correctly! Now I have to play catch up on returning messages!

As I waited for the changes to propagate across the web, I have played catch up on a number of things. I caught up for brunch with the girls (photos to come), I continued with the process of putting my office back together after building the desk, I made some design changes to my website, and I finally got around to putting together some of the images from my whirlwind visit to Bethesda, MD to see my family.

My nephew is 14-months-old, and I have seen him only a few times. And he is only a couple hours away. Oops, bad Auntie Amy. It was also Toby's first experience with a dog face-to-face, and I will admit I was a bit nervous about Brody. He was a superstar. He left Toby to come to him, he was a little stiff when Toby first reached to pet him, but he relaxed and they accepted each other. Brody was so good, my mom let him on the couch, a big No No for all the past dogs!

01.02.11 - A 01.02.11 - B 01.02.11 - C 01.02.11 - D

01.11.11 - Binary Day Humor

Timing is every thing. It is the art of capturing the peak of action (or the agony of defeat) that makes a sports photo pop. Be it a horse over a jump, a receiver and a ball, a fist and a face. The awkward non-peak times are moments that just are not traditionally considered "pretty."

That being said, awkward can equal funny. There is something about the moment of the ball mashed on the floor that makes me chuckle. My timing is usually so that I don't capture this moment, so to do it (nearly) so many times in one game stood out.


12.15.10 - Fall Sports Portraits

Three times a year I take on the scheduling, production and shooting of the players and coaches our sports writers at The Daily Local News deem the top of their sport in our county. Fall is always a bit more of a challenge because of the number of sports, nine, and that the schedule usually has me trying to find these people during the holiday break.

This year I decided to stretch the boundaries and do multiple image layouts. Kids can be a bit self conscience, and there are usually a flock of other students in the vicinity making fun of them. This year's group was the most mature and personable group I have ever had. All the outside shots were done on sub-freezing days, and I had to balance my desire to have them relax around the camera with the fear of one or both of us loosing extremities.

Select the image and it will take you to my Flickr page to see the others.


Football 2010

Cross Country (male) 2010


Tennis 2010