I promise this blog is not just going to be a love fest of Brody. That being said, today he got his belated Christmas presents. So as I work on some album design coolness you will have to make due with more uber cute canine! Since he has destuffed all his stuffed toys, and has been shorted plastic bottles since I gave up soda, he has been wanting some things to sink his teeth into. (As made clear by the shredded pile of baby wipes I came home to the other day.) We are lucky to have some really good feed stores in the area, and I was passing Pickering Feed in my travels. I am always careful about buying American rawhide. Some of the imported hides have been treated with chemicals that are not exactly things you want to be ingesting. Did he need the two-foot long bone, no. But it promised funny images. I should have shot video, but the 10 minutes of him wandering around the house just carrying it with him and drooling wouldn't have been as funny as it was in person. 01.19.11