12.03.13 - House Keeping

I am so bad at keeping my tears.

Those of you who know me know I I have a touch of the goofball. I enjoy being the backseat heckler.

This may come as a surprise, but I am an introvert. And I think this actually carries over to the fact that I don't keep track of my published work for a brag file.

But there comes a time when one has to justify their existence, like applying for credentials to major international events, and you must prove you are not there to get free passes (there is no such thing), hobnob with celebrities (who cares), undercut the official photographer (I am an OP on occasion, so, do unto other as they would do unto you) or when your memory starts to go and you don't know what you have done with your life.

Tonight I started grabbing the few files I have saved over the years, and man do I have SO much more to get through.


02.12.11 - THE SECRET IS OUT

I guess I can now tell you who I was photographing the other day. I was at QVC to shoot Camila Alves, model and tabloid fodder as Matthew McConaughey's girlfriend, and her line of purses which debuted at NYC Fashion Week yesterday. She was very personable, absolutely lovely to work with, and I will tell you the leather on the bags is yummy!

Contractually I can't show you the photos unless they are used in public, but since the promo video is public and I appear in it, I can include this.

For those who are interested, here is the lighting set-up for the studio shot you see me making in the video.
2 SBs camera left at 1/4 power each to evenly light the entire length of the body.
2 SB camera right into a silver umbrella @ 1/8th power as fill.
1 SB back right at 1/8th (I think) loosely snooted as a hair light.