12.03.13 - House Keeping

I am so bad at keeping my tears.

Those of you who know me know I I have a touch of the goofball. I enjoy being the backseat heckler.

This may come as a surprise, but I am an introvert. And I think this actually carries over to the fact that I don't keep track of my published work for a brag file.

But there comes a time when one has to justify their existence, like applying for credentials to major international events, and you must prove you are not there to get free passes (there is no such thing), hobnob with celebrities (who cares), undercut the official photographer (I am an OP on occasion, so, do unto other as they would do unto you) or when your memory starts to go and you don't know what you have done with your life.

Tonight I started grabbing the few files I have saved over the years, and man do I have SO much more to get through.



One of the first signs of spring in the Philadelphia region is the annual Flower Show that is a Mecca for any gardener, home decorator or nesting enthusiast. I haven't been down for it in years, but with my new role at the paper concentrating on digital media, I am looking for stories to tell in photos and video. So the opportunity to get some of our local participants setting up on the last day was a fun first project. One of the problems going during setup is that none of the stage lights are one, so the impact of the displays is not at their peak. This is a hand-held HDR. (Not so bad, if I do say so myself.)


As far as I am concerned, this is the greatest display this year. I like all the manicured, impeccable designs, but those are so put of reach for me. This installation from Delaware Valley College uses wooden shipping crates, the shell of a 1960s East German car, a bath tub and wire framing for the raised beds, water feature and planters. I am so inspired I will be searching for wooden crates from now on!


And finally, the slide show I made for the paper.

02.11.11 - bookings, the first sign of spring

Winter is always a slow time in terms of shooting. I am at the paper during the week, and I am always on the look out for equine stock, so I rarely go a day without a camera in my hand at some point. But scheduled work for my clients slows down in the cold.

This week was like the first robin of spring. I am making a run to Aiken, SC next week for a training still and video shoot for Practical Horseman (and have made queries to other clients about any needs they might have), I have booked a PR job for April, I chatted with an old contact in her new job about a training DVD production, I am editing the requests for stock that flooded my in-box today, I am roughing out an idea for a self-service photo booth for my weddings, I am headed down to a friend's to help her with using my studio lights for an upcoming job she has, I need to send my credential application for Rolex Kentucky.

This all means I have to clean out my car, clean my gear, pack...

Wait, did I say winter is slow?