02.11.11 - bookings, the first sign of spring

Winter is always a slow time in terms of shooting. I am at the paper during the week, and I am always on the look out for equine stock, so I rarely go a day without a camera in my hand at some point. But scheduled work for my clients slows down in the cold.

This week was like the first robin of spring. I am making a run to Aiken, SC next week for a training still and video shoot for Practical Horseman (and have made queries to other clients about any needs they might have), I have booked a PR job for April, I chatted with an old contact in her new job about a training DVD production, I am editing the requests for stock that flooded my in-box today, I am roughing out an idea for a self-service photo booth for my weddings, I am headed down to a friend's to help her with using my studio lights for an upcoming job she has, I need to send my credential application for Rolex Kentucky.

This all means I have to clean out my car, clean my gear, pack...

Wait, did I say winter is slow?