02.10.11 - KEEPING UP

Like every year before, two of my resolutions this year were quickly broken. One was to blog everyday, and one was an iPhone photo a day. Why iPhone, because it is quick, it is (nearly) always near me, there are so many fun manipulations at your finger tips and the easy of uploading directly from the phone makes it fun.

And it actually takes pretty damn good photos!

This image, straight from the camera is 5.12x6.8 at 300dpi!


This image with a tilt shift app is 5.49MBs, which is a 4x5 at 300dpi.


And this using my favorite app, Hipstamatic, has its own Facebook page, Flickr set and Damon Winters of the NYTimes just took 3rd place in the POYi with a photo story he shot using the app! This file is a 5.12x5.12 at 300 dpi.


And since I started with Brody on the couch, I will end with the image from this morning with inspired the blog post.




Alltech Recognizes Post-Games Alltech ‘A+’ Award Recipients [Lexington, KY] –Alltech, American Horse Publications (AHP), and the International Alliance of Equestrian Journalists (IAEJ) are delighted to announce the recipients of the Alltech ‘A+’ Award, established to honor creativity, passion, and excellence in equine journalism with stories connected to the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games. The post-Games media contest, judging entries published between July 2, 2010 and January 3, 2011, was open to the members of both AHP and IAEJ.

The winners of the post-Games Alltech A+ Award are:

Amy Dragoo, IAEJ – Photo ‘Last Fence Down’ published on www.equisearch.com
Karen Briggs, IAEJ – Article ‘WEG Report Card’ published in L’Annee Hippique
Brian Sosby, AHP – Article ‘Amazing Days’ published in Equestrian Magazine
Coree Reuter, AHP – Photo ‘Kiss’ published in The Chronicle of Horse
Alex Cutadean, AHP – Video ‘Behind the Scenes at the WEG On-Site Veterinary Clinic’ published on www.thehorse.com

“Throughout the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, I’d watch media sprinting from venue to venue, loaded down by the weight of cameras, recorders, and notepads,” said Dr. Pearse Lyons, president and founder of Alltech. “Driven by passion for the horse and their craft, they worked tirelessly, from sunrise to sunset and even beyond, to deliver the story of the Alltech FEI Games to eager fans around the world. These awards are but a small token of our great admiration and appreciation.”

“We would like to thank Alltech for its generous support of these awards and its international recognition of the contribution to the sport of the equestrian media,” said Chris Stafford, IAEJ vice-president. “These awards enhance the status of the International Alliance of Equestrian Journalists in their universal and comprehensive coverage of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.”

“American Horse Publications has rewarded excellence in equine publishing media for over 35 years. We are thrilled that Alltech partnered with AHP and IAEJ to bring recognition to equine journalists at a premier international event such as the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games,” stated Chris Brune, AHP executive director. “We are very appreciative of the support given by Alltech to showcase the talents of our members as well as to promote equestrian sports to the world.”

Award recipients will be honored at major events this spring. Details will be coordinated with the winners.

Thank you to Alltech, IAEJ, AHP, the World Equestrian Games and most of all Equisearch for the platform for my work and the recognition!!!

01.29.11 - SURPRISE PARTY!!!

My absolutely wonderful friends pulled off a surprise birthday dinner for me the night after my 40th birthday. And they got me, though there was one little hint walking into the restaurant, my boss got a perfect parking space right in front of the door. He has press photographer plates, so his Jeep is easily recognizable. As I walked up the stairs to the table I figured it could go one of two ways as I came through the door, it was total coincidence or there was something brewing.

It was the later, and an amazing representation of my adult life, that being the years from college on! The two people from college that I have kept in my life, my boss and his wife, a co-worker, my Thursday night Quizzo group, my holiday family, my match makers (long story), the matriarch of Brody's home away from home, and friends of friends who have become friends, friends all!

So here's a little visual trip through the evening. It started at Angela and Matt's house with a chocolate martini and some Wii. The story was that they and Julia wanted to take me out for my birthday. At this point I am totally clueless, as you can tell because I am wearing a dress and trying to throw a cow. SUPPOSEDLY, a friend of Matt's band was playing (BIG LIE). So here the three of them plied me with alcohol, silly games (they are the only people I have ever met who have the same strange taste in Wii games as me, you can see how seriously they take the shooting plungers at rabbits) and time with Lola the crazy funny French bulldog.


Then we headed off to The Half Moon, not wanting to go so late as to not get a good table for the band. (BIG LIE, and still I have no clue.) Angela (doesn't she look devious) may or may not have trash picked this scarf on our way in. You already know what happened between here and the top of the stairs, and sadly the room was too dark for my D3 and 1.4 lens, so the photos if you care to see them are on my FaceBook page from those with flashes. And Angela made double chocolate stout cupcakes with Bailey's frosting!


Back at the house the three conspirators were worn out. But Lola and Wookie were happy for laps to sit in.


It was an overwhelming night. I am so touched by all the lies everyone told to direct my day to this dinner. Those who had to work, those who had plans, those who didn't talk to me in case they gave up the surprise. You all did amazingly well! I have always wanted a surprise party, and you did it. I feel so loved, I am still smiling.


01.28.11 pt.2 - AMY'S FAVORITE THINGS

AKDFavs1.28.11 One of my friends mentioned recently that they didn't feel like they knew me very well. I was a bit perplexed by that, but it got me thinking, there are those little things about a person that are not specifically conversation topics but make one who they are. So I have decided to help those who care to, in the words of Jon Lovitz, "GET TO KNOW ME." Today's theme, that which you can find in my yard. Which isn't much because of the snow.

1. Brody - my adopted Clumber Spaniel. I have wanted a Clumber since I was a kid. I showed our golden retriever, and since spaniels are part of the Sporting Group, I met my first one. Except that I thought they were called Cucumber Spaniels. I have had Brody since he was 1.5-years-old. He is three now, and the light of my life. I have had a dog in my life since I was 12, loved each of them, but I adore this dog. His personality grows every day, he makes fans everywhere he goes, and he has his own FaceBook page. He is The Booze Hound. This is not something I have trained him to do, but he loves to raid the recycling bin for bottles. He specifically likes beer, but I do have photos of him trying to pick up the jug of cooking sherry.

2. Dubarry Boots - Worth every penny! I got them to wander through the water jumps at Rolex Kentucky to set my remotes and shoot. (Spending the day hiking with wet feet is not on my list of favorite things.) They have become my daily foot wear in the snow. (See #3) Gore-Tex all the way to the top, soft leather, beautiful brown color that, come to think of it, matches Brody.

3. Snow - I love snow. I love driving in it. I love how it makes the landscape look. I love how quiet everything gets when it is snowing. I love how bright it makes the world at night. I don't ski or snowboard or snow shoe. I should get a pair of the later to add to my SUV to go exploring. I hate shoveling though. I do the front and side portions of the steps, and the walk to the street. But I very rarely do the parking area. Besides who needs to shovel when they have four wheel drive? And, I did mention I like driving in the stuff. Which brings us to...

4. FJ Cruiser - The worst thing I can say about my vehicle is that it has taken all the worry about driving out of winter. My biggest concern is other drivers, not if I will get stuck driving documenting the snow. No amount of drive will help you stop, and I have slid on the ice. But I do enjoy the little fish tailing I do pulling into the driveway.