02.10.11 - KEEPING UP

Like every year before, two of my resolutions this year were quickly broken. One was to blog everyday, and one was an iPhone photo a day. Why iPhone, because it is quick, it is (nearly) always near me, there are so many fun manipulations at your finger tips and the easy of uploading directly from the phone makes it fun.

And it actually takes pretty damn good photos!

This image, straight from the camera is 5.12x6.8 at 300dpi!


This image with a tilt shift app is 5.49MBs, which is a 4x5 at 300dpi.


And this using my favorite app, Hipstamatic, has its own Facebook page, Flickr set and Damon Winters of the NYTimes just took 3rd place in the POYi with a photo story he shot using the app! This file is a 5.12x5.12 at 300 dpi.


And since I started with Brody on the couch, I will end with the image from this morning with inspired the blog post.