02.12.11 - THE SECRET IS OUT

I guess I can now tell you who I was photographing the other day. I was at QVC to shoot Camila Alves, model and tabloid fodder as Matthew McConaughey's girlfriend, and her line of purses which debuted at NYC Fashion Week yesterday. She was very personable, absolutely lovely to work with, and I will tell you the leather on the bags is yummy!

Contractually I can't show you the photos unless they are used in public, but since the promo video is public and I appear in it, I can include this.

For those who are interested, here is the lighting set-up for the studio shot you see me making in the video.
2 SBs camera left at 1/4 power each to evenly light the entire length of the body.
2 SB camera right into a silver umbrella @ 1/8th power as fill.
1 SB back right at 1/8th (I think) loosely snooted as a hair light.




I remember thinking this in fourth grade when we had to type,  EXACTLY, a huge amount of code to make something happen on the classroom green terminal. In my case it was to be a "dancing" snowman with "falling" * snowflakes. If you have ever seen my un-edited typing you will know how well this went. And thus my proclamation that I would never have a job that involves computers.

Flash forward a year or two and you will find me with literal seconds counting off the clock to game time of cross-town rivals which we have advertised will be live streaming on the paper's website. I am using a computer that belongs to the advertising department, have a wireless card that has no service, the school's wi-fi has USTREAM blocked for ADULT CONTENT. And the kid who hated computers finds a way at, what would have been the last second if it hadn't been senior night and the clock stopped for recognition of them all.

Here is the game, which is quite the nail biter!

Video streaming by Ustream


One of our daily duties on the newspaper photo staff is to find "stand alone art," images that don't go with a story, but depict life in the county. With the push for on-line content, this requirement is now for video features as well. This is a bit of a challenge when the weather hits the extemes, but there is always something to be found.

I have always found that I can talk with anyone when I am photographing, and see photos when I am interviewing. I find the later to be true with video as well. I got a bit lucky today with the one quote.

01.05.2011 - Camera at the Ready

When I was just starting out I assisted Eileen Blass, a staff photographer at USA Today. As we were driving to the shoot she asked me where my equipment was. I had not brought it because I thought that would be rude. She asked me what I planned to do if a plane fell from the sky. That piece of advice has stuck with me for 15 years.

I am never far from my Nikons, but even without them I always have my phone. Today I found myself without my Flip cam (we share them at the office) and in need of the video camera. I whipped out my iPhone and asked one of the students to do the recording as I shot stills.

There is an entire movement of photographers promoting the use of mobil photography. While it wasn't a plane falling from the sky, I was prepared. Thanks Eileen.

Client Video - Kerrits Spring/Summer 2011

In keeping up with the quickly changing face of media I added video production and editing to my stable of offerings a few years ago. At first it was to meet the daily demands of the paper's website, but it quickly turned into videos for training, products, sales and DVDs. Here is the latest video, a tour of the products Kerrits will be offering with the 2011 line.


Kerrits Spring/Summer 2011 from amy dragoo on Vimeo.