Forty years ago today my parents brought me into the world, induced two weeks early because of a impending snow storm and my eagerness to go some place new. This year I got the snow storm a day early, and am still eager to see new places. But the only child in my life is my nephew who I am very bad about getting to DC to see. So let's go back and revisit his first few hours on the outside. His first year has flown by, and I bet my mom feels the same about the 40 since she first saw me.





01.16.11 - CATCHING UP

While the list of things I have accomplished this weekend is not very long in number, a number of them have taken quite a bit of time. I have recently transferred the management of my web domain from a hosting service to my own control, which has meant a crash course in many things techie. It has taken about a week, but I finally have my e-mail set correctly! Now I have to play catch up on returning messages!

As I waited for the changes to propagate across the web, I have played catch up on a number of things. I caught up for brunch with the girls (photos to come), I continued with the process of putting my office back together after building the desk, I made some design changes to my website, and I finally got around to putting together some of the images from my whirlwind visit to Bethesda, MD to see my family.

My nephew is 14-months-old, and I have seen him only a few times. And he is only a couple hours away. Oops, bad Auntie Amy. It was also Toby's first experience with a dog face-to-face, and I will admit I was a bit nervous about Brody. He was a superstar. He left Toby to come to him, he was a little stiff when Toby first reached to pet him, but he relaxed and they accepted each other. Brody was so good, my mom let him on the couch, a big No No for all the past dogs!

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Photo of the Day (from the day before)

There are quite a few happenings that I cover every year, and some of them, such as Swinging Summer Thursdays in West Chester happen a few times each year. After 15 years at this it becomes hard to find something new. While I don't remember every shot I've taken, I do know how my eye works analyzing a situation. I am mentally thinking about not going to the same lens/angle/subject more often than not. I guess admitting you have a problem is the first step in correcting it.

After about the third year on this job I realized I actally am part of the commmunity. I spend as much time saying hello to people as I do shooting. This image was made while catching up with a woman I hadn't seen since before the boy was born. Time does fly! I have some funny moments when Addison is open mouthed for her taffy, but I just love the randomness of this frame. I don't know exaclty what it is, but it is an intangible quality I love other people's images. I know it when I see it. (As I quote out of context Potter Stewart.)